The Problem in Numbers

find it aims to solve the following problems:

  • Annually over 40 million Euro in goods is lost, from passports to smartphones
  • Tens of millions are going to the hours that police and municipalities spend on finding and handling these goods, from paperwork to storage resulting in only returning 13% of the lost or stolen items.
  • 348.000 bikes do not return after a police reporting annually which is approx 1/5 that are even being reported due lack of trust in receiving back their bikes
  • 3000 passports & bankcards annually not found costing banks and passport owners alot of money, stress and time to be back on the road
  • 3500 mobile phones not returned to their owners annually, costing ensurance companies on average 300 Euro per phone if ensured, most of the phones are not ensured due they are lost outside home.

Does this affect you or anyone in your direct network? Share it with them and help us tackle these problems together!